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Humanitarian action

From Derandein we promote a total humanitarian action closely linked to an integral development. We understand that our work should not be limited to a momentary relief of immediate needs, but contribute to provide the basis for a future development, reducing the vulnerability of people and strengthening their abilities.

We work hand in hand with international NGO Jesuit Refugee Service in the refugee camps of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Unresolved tribal conflicts, fear of persecution and harassment, droughts, famines and loss of property due to conflicts are the main reasons that cause the forced displacement of these peoples from their places of origin.

However, our work is not limited by borders and we carry out specific actions wherever disasters or emergency situations occur, as we did after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history.





Promotion of human rights and provision of legal advice to male and female refugees in urban camps in Kampala, Uganda.

A constant flow of people who have been forcibly displaced from different African countries in conditions of extreme poverty arrive every year in the urban areas of Kampala. In their determination to remain unnoticed and so avoid being sent to dehumanizing refugee camps, they prefer to settle in ...


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