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Be part of the change!! If you believe in a more fair world, if you believe that another world is possible and you want to contribute to the development of the poorest people in Africa, write to us and collaborate with Derandein.

unete al equipo

  If you want to make your traineeship with Derandein or join our professional team, please send us your CV.
hazte voluntario

  If you want to contribute with your knowledge and become part of the transformation of values and attitudes in our society, be part of Derandein volunteering.
hazte socio

  With just a little contribution from the North we can make a big difference in the life of a person, join us as a member/partner of Derandein.
haz una donación

  You can make a one-time financial contribution to help support the sustainability of the projects we perform in Africa.
ers una empresa   In Derandein we offer different possibilities of cooperation with enterprises: you can finance part of a project or an entire project, sponsor a sensitization event, provide your services supportively, hand over goods, manage your corporate responsibility, promote our cause in your company, etc. There are countless ways to collaborate, choose yours!
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